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Where to get blue java banana

Results 1 - 48 of Blue Java Bananas. Musa Ice Cream "Blue Java" live Banana plant fruit tree. out of 5 stars 1 ยท $$ Blue java bananas are remarkable in that they taste like ice cream. HowStuffWorks peels into these bananas. Everything about the Blue Java Banana seems like a hoax: Can the fruit be this blue? Does it really taste like ice cream? Was it really invented.

where to get blue java banana

The Blue Java is a hardy, cold tolerant banana cultivar known for its sweet aromatic fruit, which is said to have an ice cream like consistency and flavor. Our Ice Cream Banana Trees are one-of-a-kind! leaves are complemented by blue-tinted bananas that give the tree its nickname: Blue Java Banana Tree. Have you ever heard of the rare Blue Java Banana? This blue banana is sweet and creamy and some say tastes just like vanilla ice cream. Ice cream banana, Hawaiian banana, Cenizo - the Blue Java banana goes by many names. Read about this banana that tastes like ice cream. Supposedly they taste like ice cream and I'm really interested in finding some to try. They grow in colder temperatures and I'm surprised I have never seen them. Preorders expected to ship in * Ice cream bananas are rare here in South Florida. They taste similar to a Nam Wah banana but are often larger and have a . Can the fruit be this blue? Does it really taste like ice cream?. I am looking to order some blue java bananas--the fruit, not the plant. I have searched all my local farmer's markets and online, but I am. Well, move over ice cream because Amazon is Selling Blue Java Banana Trees That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream and I Need Some Stat!. The Blue Java is a banana variety popular for its striking similarity to vanilla ice cream in both taste and consistency [1]. It has a sweet. Move over boring, yellow, Cavendish bananas. Blue Java bananas are a hidden gem in the world of fruit. Not only do these bananas have a. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SEEDS - EXTREMELY RARE Semi-Dwarf "Blue Java" or named Ice Cream Banana, Zone 8! at. The Blue Java (also known as Ice Cream Banana, Hawaiian Banana, Ney Mannan, Krie, or Cenizo) is a hardy, cold tolerant banana tree known for its sweet . The Blue Java banana is said to have a consistency and flavour very similar to vanilla ice cream. SEEDS - EXTREMELY RARE Semi-dwarf "Blue Java" aka Ice Cream Banana,. +. Red Climbing Strawberry Seeds Fruit Seeds For Home & Garden Indoor. +.