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How to make automatic sim card selection for specific contacts

The next time you call that contact it will automatically call using the sim you configured as default(It wont show you the sim selection iption). Do. How do I set the Oneplus 2 to automatically select a sim card to make a call depending to which contact I call? I know this is possible on. The app automatically dials it using SIM1. In the "Phone" application, I checked the "Remember SIM for number" Select the number you want to clear the default. Tap on the number (Contacts that is saved for Remember for sim) 3. sim card option is removed and you will get a status showing "Other".

how to make automatic sim card selection for specific contacts

There is a no option to set a group to specific SIM card or to even assign a single contact to specific SIM card! And for SMS, it's better to have POPup ask window. Jun 10, Hello all - ​ Have been trying to find an answer to this for quite a while but / how-to-make-automatic-sim-card-selection-for-specific-contacts. Mar 23, Why cannot i edit the sim card contacts? 2# Mihai00 USA When you have to select everytime you make a call a carrier, is at leas annoying. Although you can't set up each contact to specific SIM when you call. You can. Apr 19, Hi, I am using 2 sim cards in my samsung s7 edge, SIM 1 for I have set the phone to "ask always" when making calls. Is there any way to set the phone so that when I call my personal contacts, it will auto select SIM 1?. Jan 24, Here is how to set the default SIM for voice calls, text messages This means that, when you insert two SIM cards into your Android Voice call - you can set the default SIM card for the phone calls that you make on your smartphone. SIM (if there is no individual entry for SMS messages), and tap on it. Automatic SIM selection is a software solution to simplify calling on Moto phones This feature is useful when user selects a specific SIM for every outgoing call. The setting for Dual SIM settings->Call settings->Making calls should be set as. With a dual SIM phone, you can insert one or two SIM cards. Automatic SIM selection learns your calling patterns to determine the best SIM for an You may have selected which to use during initial phone setup. When two SIMs are inserted, you'll see them referenced in apps like Contacts, Messenger, and Phone. Jul 31, Everytime I call someone I change SIM card to one of them and call from that SIM card. Is it possible to assign a SIM card for each contact. This means, that, during a call, only the SIM card that you have selected to use The phone numbers of the two inserted SIM cards are entered automatically. Apr 16, If you insert two SIM or USIM cards, you can have two phone numbers or service providers for a single device. □ To activate SIM or USIM cards. Hi all,i have a mi4c with MIUI 7.i cannot find an options to set the default I'd like to call some contacts usi default sim for contacts,Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum. Tap Dial to set your preferred simcard for using your SIM 2 as default for calls. . There is no any option coming for selecting sim and when I. I have enabled settings > Dual sim settings > Call settings > Select ask every time . But based on call history, the call is done by the selected SIM which can be changed during the start There you'll be able to disable automatic Sim original. I need to disable it for the USSD kind of numbers. Learn how to manage your SIM cards. If you have a dual SIM variant, you can have 2 SIMs in your phone, for example, one for your work and one for your personal use. Note: On dual Select which SIM to use for calls or data connection. Aug 13, This gives you two phone numbers to make and receive calls and text messages. With the two nano-SIM cards in place, insert the SIM tray back into the Then tap Cellular Plan Label and select a new label or enter a custom label. number, that number automatically switches to use voice and data. Jun 6, Click on the Sending message option or call option to select the sim send message or make a call, it will ask you which SIM card to be used.