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What is s memo on galaxy s4

If you need to take notes on your new Samsung Galaxy S4, the S Memo app will have you covered. Samsung Galaxy S4 S Memo allows you to use the keypad and/or your finger, to draw, write and create memos. You can also add pictures, recordings. The thing is that there isn't s memo (yellow note pad app) from samsung officially, now is Note Memo (red app) after Samsung's cloud restored i.

what is s memo on galaxy s4

From the Home screen, touch Apps. Swipe to the right to located the S Memo app . Touch the S Memo app. Touch the Pen icon to compose a new S Memo. Use S Memo in your Galaxy S4 to create a memo using images and voice recordings. Tap S Memo on the Applications screen. The S Memo is used on Galaxy S3, S4. s-note S Note app offers a quick and convenient way to create, edit and manage notes on your Samsung mobile device. S Memo app is a note application in Samsung Galaxy S4 that can be used to easily create memos, either text or handwritten memos. If needed, you can also edit. Importing a backup file using the restore option within S Memo app is one of the ways that can be taken to retrieve your memos in case you lose. Here's another article that addresses app problems on #Samsung #GalaxyS4. Just like what we state in some of our past posts, app issues may look varied but . Hello there, I have a Galaxy S4 GT-i Android Version I am having problems with the S Memo loading the memos. Message says. I use the S Memo app a lot and the other day I wanted to look up some info I kept there and all of the memo's are gone. How can I retrieve. By accident, I deleted quite a few notes from memo app on my Samsung Galaxy S7. I can't find the file location either. Could you please help. i just bought a galaxy s5 and transfer all my Smemo files to S5. Apparently Memo apps in S5 cannot open. pl help. thanks. Download S Memo Get your ideas down on this small notepad. I had a lot of memo's using "S-Memo" on my S4 before I upgraded to the S6 Edge , but as S-Memo is not on this phone, is there any way I can. A few days ago my Samsung Galaxy S4 asked to uodate the I know this is an old question but i just updated my phone software and lost my SMemo's. I found them on my phone: My Files>Application>SMemo>Switcher. The subfolder Smemo is the folder where the App called SMemo(a samsung system app which came already installed in your phone) stores all. Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual Online: S Memo. The S Memo application allows you to create memos using the keyboard, your finger, or both. You can add.