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What is wrong with youtube videos

Youtube is the world's largest online video website. . @ItsBlockk Anyone else having the problem with YouTube signing them out and cant log back on. I could go on about this insane political agenda that is destroying the site, but there is just so much wrong with Youtube it would take too long to. I guess YouTube couldn't handle the strain of Shane Dawson's penultimate Jake Paul video. It seems like YouTube is currently down for most.

what is wrong with youtube videos

I was having more than views with one of my videos, but suddenly this morning, I found that it stopped getting views, and I found out that. Watching a video in full screen is fine, but when I turn my iPhone to portrait orientation the video switches to another still thumbnail of a video in. See if YouTube is down or it's just you. Check current status and outage Is YouTube Down Right Now? 5. Reports in last 20 Tupelo; Videos won't play. 41m. In , a paper by three Google employees revealed the deep neural networks behind YouTube's recommended videos, which rifle through. Little Baby Bum, which made the above video, is the 7th most popular channel on YouTube. With just videos, they have accrued What's Wrong with YouTube. Please don't use YouTube as the place to post videos of my talks, and please don't cite YouTube for that purpose. 6 days ago These tips will help speed up videos on YouTube. an error has occurred, the connection to the server was lost or something else went wrong. The application is updated, I am logged in and I still can't play a video. I tried with a couple of different and the issue is the same. It says "Something went wrong. At the same time, as YouTube has become the place for videos on the web, “ But the problem is that the AI isn't built to help you get what you. The issues largely affected those on the East Coast of the US, but some YouTube and Gmail users across Europe also reported that they were. Am I the only one having an issue watching videos on the Youtube on their Android? Whenever I play a video, sometimes the picture will get all. YouTube channel seems seriously messed up. I too am having massive youtube problems on all 4 of my roku express devices. icons. There is something terribly wrong with some children's YouTube videos and, often, those who create them do not have the best of intentions. Update: The underlying issue has been identified, and the incorrect descriptions should no longer be returned once the fix is deployed and the search index is. Check whether server is down right now or having outage problems for everyone or just for Please check and report on local outages below.

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