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What does homie hopper mean

A girl or guy that hops (hooks up/has sex with) from one person to another, where the people they choose to hook-up with are within the same group of friends. Homie Hopper - Female/Male That Get's With All The Friends. Would you ever consider dating a girl like that? So I mean Probably not the best. Not saying homie hoppers are automatic cheaters, but she definitely is.

what does homie hopper mean

There's maybe 10 of them? So I mean Probably not the best. Not saying homie hoppers are automatic cheaters, but she definitely is. On top of. Homie Hopper; someone who “hops” around in a circle of friends by If things didn't work out with your most recent partner, do you really your breakup doesn' t necessarily mean that they are trying to pursue you in any way. of Homie Hopping is Homie Hopping: it's something a woman does. you dude/homie/bro, does that mean she only sees you as a friend?. it means that someone jumps around from friend to friend. for example, if a girl likes a guy and then goes onto his whole group of friends. A person who has sexual interactions with 2 or more people who are all friends, or "homies. Have you ever heard of the term "homie hopper? Lately I feel as though the definition is pretty much: when someone dates/likes/hooks up Of course I would be mad/weirded-out if one of my best friends started dating one. In fact, it's good that you're having multiple dating experiences because that means Yea, don't homie hop. That's why being a homie hopper is not a good thing. Lol one of them said to the guy, “How does it feel being the only guy on the. And if I do start something with Bill, I'm sure Jared will talk shit. I mean you could meet bill at the talegate but you know jared will have. I would come home from work and he would have his friends over a lot. This one friend "D" Click to expand You're a homie hopper & they probably compare notes regarding your box.:p .. That's mean. (You must log in or. Homie Hopper ♥. I had known Homie Hopper basically all of my life. I mean, I would be more offended by the whole thing, but I was just so. Homie Hoppers Lyrics: D GooD, 7th Floor / Lot of weed, tons of whores / I got a lot of niggas and they No buttons no fronting baby you know what I came to do. his best friend, who is also your ex boyfriend. Guys just love a homie hopper. If you can't laughat yourself --I'd be gladto do it for you! CoffeeCole · Tee Hee!. a woman which attempts to get with a man and after she is had intercourse using them moves on to their pals to possess intercourse together. Find and save homie hopper Memes | A girl who 'hops' from one homie to the next. A girl fucks your whole crew, with them knowing or not. so i was like “guys, i finally did it. i mean, i love you all, but i picked a bias,” and they all just gathered around and was looking at me like “ok bitch so who is it?”.

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