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What is mantrap

A mantrap is a small room with an entry door on one wall and an exit door on the opposite wall. One door cannot be unlocked and opened until the opposite. A mantrap, air lock, sally port or access control vestibule is a physical security access control system comprising a small space with two sets of interlocking doors. Mantraps are like a double-door checking system that use either airlock technology or interlocking doors. Mantraps work by using an interdependent locking/unlocking methodology, which grants access to the second door only when the first door has been properly locked.

what is mantrap

A mantrap can be built in different ways, it can be a small room with an entry door on one side and an exit door on the opposite side, it can be a high security. A mantrap, in modern world, means a small room that is encased or made-of metal, and contains two or more doors. The principal rule is that both doors cannot. When it comes to building security, data centers are more like Fort Knox than one might expect, especially if the facility incorporates mantraps. In addition to cybersecurity, high risk locations like banks, airports and data centers use mantraps for access control and physical security. Mantrap definition is - a trap for catching humans: snare. Mantrap definition, an outdoor trap set for humans, as to snare poachers or trespassers. See more. Originally "mantraps" were mechanical devices used to catch poachers and trespassers, but today a security mantrap is a small room, area or. Amanda Wilson, of A. G. Wilson Building Solutions, in Trenton, Florida, defines a “man trap,” as it relates to building security, in this great guest post!. Mantrap security doors keep your building safe & secure. Contact Isotec today to learn more about our custom mantrap entrances & our physical access control. When it comes to protecting sensitive data, staff and visitors, and complying with industry regulations, mantrap security doors, or security portals, are the most. Boon Edam offers mantrap security doors that controls pedestrian access, a mantrap security door is a set of two interlocking doors where the first door opens . A mantrap is a high security access control feature for a designated area with two or more doors used to effectively detain unauthorised. SDC specializes in the manufacturing of safety and security access control hardware products and engineering for mantrap system, airlock sytem and. A mantrap (otherwise known as a security interlock system) is a locking system that prevents one door opening before another is closed. A mantrap is used when more control on access is desired, but there is no need for total control. One reason may be that it is an entry into a clean room.