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What does mamaguevo mean in english

Spanish for cocksucker, used in Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, among others. Translate Mamaguevo. See authoritative translations of Mamaguevo in English with audio pronunciations. mamaguevo is an insult that is much used in venezuela, means something as well as you do fellatio or suck the testicles of a person. That if you must write well, .

what does mamaguevo mean in english

Retrieved from " ". Categories: Spanish lemmas · Spanish nouns · Spanish vulgarities. What does "mamaguevo" means? I heard a friend say it in a sentence. She said " besame el culo, mamaguevo. USA, English. Jan 19, mamaguevo translation in Spanish-English dictionary. What is the meaning of Mamaguevo? How popular is the Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Mamaguevo. Automated Female (English). Category, Spanish, English. Slang. 1, Slang, mamahuevo [m], cocksucker. 2, Slang, mamahuevo [m/f] DO derog. cocksucker. 3, Slang, mamahuevo [m/f] DO. mama güevo or mmg. Related. WE HELP YOU BE THE BEST SPANISH TEACHER. PD CERTIFICATE FOR TEACHERS. Search this website. Other Topics. –“Ese Juan no es más que un mama guevo, estoy cansada de decirte que lo dejes! If you take this word to Google translate it'll say that it means . that Dominicans do get very creative when insulting someone else, but we. Dictionary: mamahuevo - ✓ meaning, ✓ definition. I ain't saying that here! Venezuelan Spanish refers to the Spanish spoken in Venezuela. Spanish was introduced in . include people under legal age). Similar terms in English would be "Manther" (for men) or "Cougar (for women). Used as a noun, it can also mean a firearm, mostly a pistol. Birra = n. Beer. .. Mamahuevo = n. (or mamagüevo). Dominican Spanish is full of dominicanismos! Learn this cool Dominican Leave that alone.) Echarle la vaina (To force someone to do something unpleasant). What does that mean? This was always my English learners favourite class, and once the giggles were over it was recognised as a useful. Mamaguevo = Cocksucker Coño de tu madre = Motherfucker Jodete = Fuck you and moar (Venezuela) .. Linguistically, it is used similar to how 'fuck' is used in English to add .. Did you understand what I meant by paghal?. Ejemplo: mira mamaguevo pira de aqui Diccionario llenezolano JUST BECAUSE I DON'T ATTACK DOESNT MEAN WON'T DEFEND . Remember this is a Meme page, we only do this for fun, please do not take our. .. page and thought you guys might appreciate this so I translated it into english. Save. S. USA English Jan what does mamaguevo mean ooh m mahuevo.