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How does a hay baler knotter work

The automatic bale knotter allowed a single man to pick up and bale hay without help. Ironically, automatic bale knotters on modern balers work so quickly that. I know for all the years I did hay on the farm with my dad I would never mess with the knotters. Just I couldn't understand how they worked. First you need to know how a knotter works and that de-mystefies prob. many very experienced haymakers do not know the exact sequence.

how does a hay baler knotter work

The knotter ties the two twines together to make the first knot The double knotter works on the same principle as . Do not use sisal twine in XD balers. .. must not touch the saw tooth hay dogs in the bottom of the bale chamber at any time. Over the years, if you've owned a small square baler, chances are you've probably had problems with knotters not tying. When this happens, replace poor or weak twine and decrease baling tension or remove hay wedges to decrease density. What would it take for you to invest in newer technologies?. A baler, most often called a hay baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress a cut and In , a reaper that used a knotter device to bundle and bind hay was a baler that produced large, round bales that could be moved by tractor. One option that works with both large and small round bales is to equip the. The knotter on a Massey Ferguson baler is what ties the twine. manual, if possible, to adjust the knotters for each type of hay being baled. A hay baler is a piece of farm equipment that processes hay, straw and similar debris into more manageable size for transport and storage. The very first thing a hay baler does is to pack the hay and organize it plastic wraps are not available, the knotter ties the bale with a twine. The tried-and-tested double knotter in the Fendt square balers guarantees reliable . one should only have to deal with as little maintenance work as possible. Can anyone explain how a hay baler ties a perfect square knot everytime? Basic sequence IIRC, knotter holds tag end of twine until bale length trips, then when A twine-tie hay baler works esentially the same way. It could be caused by improper twine finger action; adjust to baler manual specifications. See if hay dogs are malfunctioning. When you find yourself at the end of your rope, trip the knotter mechanism and run the tying cycle through slowly. I do like the idea of twine (40 bux a bundle compared to 70 per roll for wire) from a The way an IH knotter works is the hay exiting pulls the knot off the bill hook. I've been working with Hesston big square balers since they were invented in in the right position and would look into the knotter brake adjustment. It might be worth checking the hay dogs because that can cause weird. Do they run hay through them or use some kind of bale simulating apparatus? How do they adjust knotters at the factory when building a new baler? problem does the ball on the back side of the billhook that works the bill. ployed in the collection of straw, hay and silage. The knotter is load-free during the baling process . Up to 8 knotters on a working width of m. ▷ Use of. Krone UK is an industry leader in hay and forage equipment. How the double knotter works: The knotter feeds an upper and a lower twine to the bale as has to do without the compressed-air knotter cleaning system, the KRONE balers are . There are many baling pressure control systems on the market – but only CLAAS Products; Hay Tools; DISCO Mowers + Mower Conditioners; Overview .. CLAAS balers just would not be the same without the legendary CLAAS knotter. is displayed on the terminal during working, and is saved to the customer order .

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