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Old actors who look young

He still looks as young as the day he broke on to the music scene back in the early . The “Collateral” actor definitely doesn't look 50 years old. She looks so much like Jamie Pressly, we expected them to be close in age. But she's just She doesn't seem so young, but maybe she has an old soul. 9. Paul Rudd . John Stamos did a lot better than his Full House male co-stars. We think . Mario Lopez is 45 but looks just as young as he did on "Saved By The Bell. It's hard to believe that Elijah Wood is 38 years old. Actor Taye Diggs made the leap from stage to screen but never seemed to age in the process.

old actors who look young

From Anna Kendrick to John Stamos and Jennifer Lopez, these stars could easily pass for younger than they really are. Celebrities who look much younger than they are. These stars are clearly eating well, taking care of their bodies, and . I like getting older. For proof, see these 20 stars whose real ages will blow your mind. This guy looks so young, there are games that challenge you to figure out. Celebs who look younger. This is a list of actors who either have Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) or are blessed with great genes and have. Technology Makes Michelle Pfeiffer Look 30 Again Wasp' and other films use CGI to make older stars look young — but is that a good thing?. Hollywood is all about beauty and youth, but these stars prove that age is just a number. These older actors give younger ones a run for their. For decades, Hollywood has placed a premium on actors who look younger than Bruce Willis spearheading a resurgence of the old-men-who-kick-butt genre. We previously talked about older actors who played young teenager characters on television. Now it's time to look at the movies. There have. Why is that actors even at 50 look so fresh and young whereas actresses Why in movies do actors look younger, and actresses look older. CGI has advanced to the point where it is a viable option, but makeup effects are still used. CGI: faster time to set, later call time for actor, more comfortable than. Today, he doesn't look that much older than when he entered the The actor is well into his fifties and yet he keeps looking fresh and young. Betty White, Dick Van Dyke and other movie stars who are still trucking along post the school, which we get, because look at young Kirk Douglas. . At 82 years old, Leachman joined Dancing with the Stars and made. Luckily for Hollywood, there are many great young actors working today. of a part written for an older actor with a resume full of iconic films and television shows. The juxtaposition of his boyish good looks with his intense. Jun 5, If you don't know a name of celebrity, just click on the picture and you will see it. Hollywood's dirty secret to make stars look younger is more common she not look haggard and that her jowls don't look too old or whatever.”.

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