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What does sala mean in english

Need to translate "sala" from Spanish? Here are 9 possible meanings. Need to translate "en la sala" from Spanish? Here's what it means. Translate Sala. See 6 authoritative translations of Sala in English with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

what does sala mean in english

English Translation of “sala” | The official Collins Italian-English Dictionary online. Over English translations of Italian words and phrases. Sala definition: a large hall, living room, or reception room | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Brother-In-Law - Hindi meanings: साला - sala, Definition & Synonyms English to Hindi dictionary gives you the best and accurate Hindi translation and. سالا meaning in English: Brither In Law - Sala meaning, Definition Synonyms at Urdu to English dictionary gives you the best and accurate English translation. What does the Hindi word 'rishtha' mean in English? 2nd sale, sala is different word, as a gali, meaning, stupid, idiot etc etc. it is derived from. sala - translate into English with the Portuguese-English Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary. sala - translate into English with the Polish-English Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary. Sala definition at, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes & Audio. Look it up now!. sala - Meaning in kannada, what is meaning of sala in kannada dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of sala in kannada and English. Urdu to English Meaning of صد سالہ کا مطلب انگریزی میں Sad Sala Translation from Urdu into English means Centenarians. Find English Meaning of صد سالہ. Bhak is a slang in Hindi or you can say its a slang in college lingo in India, basically to dislike Top definition Bhakk sala, i failed again. Sala means Living Room. Search in the Korean-English dictionary: Find a English translation in the free Korean dictionary from Learn sala conferenze in English translation and other related translations from Italian to English. Discover sala What does sala conferenze mean in English?. sala - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. Definition of साला. पुं० [सं० श्यालक] [स्त्री० साली] १. संबंध के विचार से किसी व्यक्ति की द्रष्टि में उसकी पत्नी का भाई। २.

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