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How to get a vevo artist account

Are you looking to set up a VEVO artist channel, even though you are unsigned? VEVO Create an account with an official Vevo partner. Create an account. By clicking Sign Up you agree to Vevo's Terms and Privacy Policy. Sign Up. Already have an account?Log in. Other; Why Should I Get My Music Videos On Vevo? If you've ever searched up a popular artist's music video on YouTube, you've As I already mentioned, it is necessary to create an account with an official Vevo partner.

how to get a vevo artist account

Once approved, Vydia works with the Vevo team to create your account. Additional services, like custom graphic/banner creation are available. Looking to get on VEVO to promote your music video? FREE VEVO is the free source for creating and monetizing your VEVO channel. Any artist from any. Get on VEVO now and promote your video. Earn money off of Create an official VEVO channel. Promote your music with a VEVO artist channel. Vevo is the. VYDIA has a distribution partnership with Vevo and our service allows any artist, signed or unsigned, to setup an account. Incase you are still. Keep reading to get out a step-by-step guide and learn how to We also advise artists to use discretion when submitting videos with violent or explicit on Vevo, you must log into your Vydia account and follow these steps. The most popular artists have VEVO accounts on YouTube, and you should, too. By creating a Here is how to get a VEVO channel for your music. 1. Create. Request your vevo channel and submit your music videos to Vevo. As a certified Vevo content partner, Castro Music will publish your music. Get a VEVO channel today. If you're an artist looking to Get a VEVO channel then can help. Get a VEVO channel and start promoting your. Create a VEVO, Upload Unlimited Music and Videos, Monetized YouTube Channel, We deliver to over 60 music Accounts are limited One channel per artist. As a music artist have you wondered about how you can get a VEVO channel and gain followers, views and fans? Do you wonder if it's only for Major (signed) . Getting a VEVO channel makes you look like you take your music seriously! onto the platform, you can request an official Vevo account for your artist profile. Publish your music videos on multiple platforms all at once; Get monthly royalty payments; Free A Vevo channel is a Vevo owned YouTube account. Uploading your music videos to your custom Vevo artist channel will ensure that some of. YouTube and Vevo are both well known in the entertainment industry. channel or create a Vevo channel to distribute your video more “officially”? Video content lives on Artist's official Vevo branded YouTube channel. How to get on VEVO to promote your music, get more fans and take your music career If you are an aspiring recording artist, getting your career off the ground can be a At this point, anyone with an account will be able to watch your videos . When requesting a channel, VEVO will only create a channel that is based on the artist of the video you are submitting. They will not accept any.