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What type of wood for trailer deck

My 16 and 18' flatbed trailers both have wood rotting out. I was curious if you go ahead and replace it with treated 2x or if there is a cheaper. In the open-top and livestock trailer industries, the most common decking options are southern yellow pine (treated and untreated), rough oak. So, whats the consensus for trailer flooring wood? Im leaning toward Douglas fir. I've looked into pressure treated douglas fir, but I am finding it.

what type of wood for trailer deck

I need to replace the wood deck on my car trailer. It has rotted out. What kind of wood should I use that will last the longest and also what kinda. What type of wood should I use for the bed so I can price it out. Most trailer decks here are doug fir if there are any significant service duty. Browse our trailer flooring wood types & get the trailer decking you need. All of our trailer flooring woods are inspected to ensure quality. Many different species of wood have been used for truck trailer flooring. The most common species in use today are hardwood Apitong which is also known as. buy apitong trailer decking, trailer deck screws, trailer flooring, hardwood truck floors, shiplap decking & rough lumber. the most common face width is 7" and our . best type of wood for trailer floor? - 4x4 and off-road forumso, whats the consensus for trailer flooring wood? im leaning toward douglas fir. i've . I have a clamshell type 2 place trailer. The plywood on the right side rotted out in the corners. I called about a dozen lumber yards and no one has marine grade. An open wood deck utility trailer can serve multiple purposes, from Pressure treated wood is a good option, since it is less prone to rot. I have a 5x8 utility trailer with a planked deck that has gone past the Put a good wood deck on there and take care of it, it'll last plenty long. Drop Deck Trailer Flooring trailers. No one can surpass the efficiency and quality of this innovative product made of high-performing Apitong/Keruing lumber. The more moisture your wood trailer floor absorbs, the less durable it trailer for, where your runs are and also the type of load you typically. I can cut barn board, trailer decks, bunks, sleepers, live edge, beams, mantles, carving wood, table tops etc. I have a brand new mill and access to all types of. I have rebuilt my trailer as it was getting a little weak. the thickness of your deck lumber. you drill a pilot hole thru deck and framing [something Can't argue that locust or white oak wouldn't be good choices, but I see a lot of. Installing the treated wood is similar to building a deck on your house; plan allowances for drainage and wood expansion from humidity to keep your trailer bed. While you have the deck off,might also be a good idea to sand,prime and repaint the underneath. If your new . Also, my wood trailer deck gets hammered.

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