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When was the ptolemaic period

The Ptolemaic Kingdom was a Hellenistic kingdom based in ancient Egypt. It was ruled by the Ptolemaic dynasty, which started with Ptolemy I Soter's accession. The Ptolemaic dynasty sometimes also known as the Lagids or Lagidae (/ˈlædʒ ɪdi/; Λαγίδαι, Lagidai, after Lagus, Ptolemy I's father), was a Macedonian Greek. The Ptolemaic Period began when Alexander the Great defeated the Persians in Egypt in BCE. After he died in BCE, his generals.

when was the ptolemaic period

The Ptolemaic dynasty controlled Egypt for almost three centuries ( – 30 BCE ), eventually falling to the Romans. Oddly, while they ruled. and the new prominence of that area with the capital of Dynasty 26 at Sais. From the seventh century B.C., Egyptian rulers encouraged a flourishing. The reign of Ptolemaic dynasty was preceded by liberation of the Egypt from the domination of the Persians. It was thanks to Alexander the. The Ptolemaic dynasty (sometimes also known as the Lagids, from the name of Ptolemy I's father, Lagus) was a Hellenistic Macedonian royal. Category: Dynastic Periods, Content: After the death of Alexander the Great in BC, his commander Ptolemy 1 Soter founded the Ptolemaic State in Egypt. Egypt: Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period As Ptolemy I Soter (" Saviour"), he founded the Ptolemaic dynasty that was to rule Egypt for nearly . Other articles where Ptolemaic dynasty is discussed: ancient Egypt: The Ptolemaic dynasty: Until the day when he openly assumed an independent kingship as. The Ptolemies were the rulers of the final dynasty of 3, years of ancient Egypt, and their progenitor was a Macedonian Greek by birth. Egypt Table of Contents. After Alexander's death of malarial fever in B.C., the Macedonian commander in Egypt, Ptolemy, who was the son of Lagos, one of. Ptolemy, son of Lagos took control of Egypt and governed the country until BC, when he was crowned King. The Dynasty ruled in Egypt for almost The family of Ptolemy I ruled Egypt for almost years. All kings of the period had the name Ptolemy. They are distinguished by their ancient epithets and a. With the arrival of Alexander the Great in Egypt in BC, the Greek period began, also referred to as the Ptolemaic Period. Alexander, who received the. The first years of the Ptolemaic dynasty are conventionally seen as its most prosperous era. Little is known of the foundations laid in the reign of Ptolemy I. The Ptolemaic Period. Katelijn Vandorpe. Alexander the Great liberated Egypt from Persian rule in , facing no resistance. and laying the. Most shabtis from the Ptolemaic period that have been excavated are from northern Egypt and were made for men. During the Ptolemaic period, inscriptions .

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