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How to send file in facebook messenger

Using on a Computer to whom you want to send a file on the left side of the page. Through Facebook Messenger on the smartphones, beside text you can “directly” send images and video files only. Other than files, you can. Open the conversation you want to add a file to and click Add Files. For help with the Messenger app, visit the Messenger Help Center. To add a file to your Facebook message How do I send a sticker in a Facebook message? English ( US).

how to send file in facebook messenger

Now that Facebook Messages has changed to Facebook Messenger on PCs, How do I attach a file in a message and send it to myself or someone else on my . Do you know how to send files using Messenger app on smartphone? If you are looking to send miscellaneous file types like PDF, Docs, Zip. Every Facebook account has a message inbox that can be used to send and You can also send files, such as documents, as attachments to your messages. Solved: I'm trying to send a file to my friends on Android's Messenger app. I have tried both pulling the file (by initiating the process - There's going to be a ton of Facebook news tomorrow, so Dropbox is getting a cool piece of news out early: it's now integrated into Messenger. Share files with friends is faster and easier than ever with Messenger File Transfer. Messenger File Transfer help users transfer files via Facebook Messenger. Is there a way in Facebook Messenger to exchange files directly rather than To make that happen, simply send some sort of message and it'll. There are various ways to send a Dropbox file to someone else, including via Facebook Messenger. Here's how to share a file via Facebook. Facebook includes a built-in feature for instant messaging and voice/video calls called Furthermore, they have the ability to attach files and. The new sharing functionality is available in the latest iOS and Android versions of the Dropbox and Facebook Messenger apps. Download. Facebook Messenger lets you do much more than chat. In addition to sharing files and organizing group events, Messenger enables you send payments to. Dear Sir,. There was always an option if someone want to send thier important Pdf, word or other files through face messenger they exist. Send new email attachments to Facebook Messenger through Google Drive Triggers when a new file is added or an existing file is updated in drive. I found the information panel in already have this. Not sure if this is new or not. To share a file, tap the “+” sign, select file or video from the popup, and hit send." Messenger Lite has become a key cog in Facebook's growth.

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