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How to make a homemade beer funnel

Pick up your beer bong's crown, the funnel. Any basic funnel will do, but again, bigger is better. Make sure the funnel's spout is small enough. Here are 7 easy steps to make a beer bong. There you have it, a homemade professional beer bong! Remember to please drink responsibly. What You Need: 3+ Feet of Clear Rubber Tube (That will fit snug onto the funnel) 1 Good Size Funnel 1 Valve Knife that will cut tube What To.

how to make a homemade beer funnel

Learn how to build your very own beer bong! Why settle for a bland beer bong from some souvenir shop or from somewhere online when you can make your. We gave you the 10 Craziest Beer Pong Tables before, but we've stepped our game up to give you 20 Hilariously Creative Beer Bongs. Build a beer bong with our funnels, tubing, y-valve and on/off valves | Pick your college colors and be ahead of others in parting. I'm going to be making a trip to the hardware store to pick up some supplies, but first I What kind of a wussy beer bong are we talking here?. We will be making a 3 story tall beer bong. You will need the following items: A piece of string, about 20 feet of tube, a funnel, two clamps. Do you go to the kinds of parties where people whip out beer bongs and drink like idiots? Well, maybe you want to drink like a jackass too. How to Make a 5 Person Beer Funnel. Beer funnels, also known as beer bongs, have become popular on the college and party scene over the years. There are. Video by Zach Bermejo and Alec Erickson A beer bong has the ability to take you from zero to buzzed in no time. Whether you are pregaming. Shop Bierstick at the Amazon Home Brewing & Wine Making store. Free Shipping Forget shotgunning and beer funnels, this beer syringe will make you the life of the party. The Bierstick Making a difference one drink at a time. Read more. Shop Head Rush at the Amazon Home Brewing & Wine Making store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%. This newly designed beer bong will help you chug up to 24oz of beer in 2 seconds. Forget shotgunning and beer funnels, this beer syringe will make you the life. Results 1 - 48 of 91 Get the best deal for Beer Bong from the largest online selection at Custom Beer Bong with Valve Key Features When you build a custom. Kick your partying up a notch or two by chugging your brew in record time using this pressurized explosive beer bong. The bong can be operated with a single. An eye catching beer bong with a valve, perfect drinking game for stag The design of this item is incredibly eye catching, and is ridiculously easy to drink. What do beer bongs look like and how are they of help to the beer drinker. Well first they have a long but wide straw that can be inserted into the bottle.