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Who is john blake in the dark knight rises

Robin John Blake was a detective working for the Gotham City Police Department who He was portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises. Born Robin John Blake, he grew up with his father after his mother had died. Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays Detective John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises. Blake has the background of Jason Todd and Tim Drake, for the most part of the film when we see John Blake step forward and that platform RISING The Dark Knight will rise again, with someone else taking up the mantle.

who is john blake in the dark knight rises

Following the popularity of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake character in director Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, the character. Having just watched the movie earlier today, I think John Blake's His deduction of Bruce Wayne/Batman's true identity comes from Tim Drake. Yh he is. He is throughout the movie referred to as John Blake. But at that fantastic ending its revealed his real name is Robin and it is heavily implied he will. Blake already fulfilled the Robin sidekick role in Dark Knight Rises and earned becoming the new Batman by the end. Since a new Batman. Officer John Blake is a new character to the Christopher Nolan Batman series. It is yet another actor that has been tapped due to a previous. John Blake: Not a lot of people know what it feels like to be angry, in your bones. I mean, they understand, foster parents, everybody understands, for awhile. Christopher Nolan frequently said we would never see Robin in his Batman trilogy, so it came as a huge surprise to everyone when the final. joseph gordon levitt john blake the dark knight rises Calm down, Bat fans. Jonathan Nolan says Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is just John. Warning: spoilers for "The Dark Knight Rises" lie below. You wanted Robin? You got Robin. Despite years of insisting the character would. It feels nice to finally say that and know for sure that the mysterious John Blake ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who we spent months theorizing about. After the release of 'The Dark Knight Rises', Batman fans everywhere about a potential sequel in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake. The viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises continues as new details on Officer John Blake emerge along with a very interesting email. While there was talk shortly after the film's release about whether the Dark Knight series could continue, be it in a John Blake-led Batman movie or a Catwoman. (Spoiler alert! Stop reading until you've seen The Dark Knight Rises.) For something as obsessed with masks and secret identities as it is. Product Description. “I'm still a believer in the Batman.” Fans have been anticipating for the official introduction of the 1/6th scale John Blake Collectible Figure.